Aeroexpress Online Application

In the app, you can quickly and without queues buy a ticket for Aeroexpress trains. They connect Moscow with Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports.


Buy an Aeroexpress ticket online

Support for all current tariffs. Round-trip Aeroexpress tickets to Moscow airports.

Convenient and fast

Simple and intuitive interface, without advertising banners and drop-down links. The Aeroexpress app is popular because you don't have to spend time in traffic jams. Do not worry about the possibility of missing your flight, and do not break head over where to park your car. At the same time, a trip on the Aeroexpress train is no less comfortable than a taxi ride, and costs much less. The application requests an internet connection. On the home screen you are asked to enter your full name and date. Next, fill in the contacts. After that, we agree with the entered data and confirm the payment.

Round trip

Aeroexpress provides an opportunity for passengers of Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports to purchase a ticket for a comfortable train to Moscow and back without unnecessary queues and wasting time. Flights they are carried out regularly during the operation of airports. In the airport area, disembarkation is carried out within walking distance from the terminals, in Moscow, the final stations are located in the city center. Aeroexpress is the fastest and most efficient a reliable means of delivering passengers.


These trains are the latest electric train. Its concept — attractive appearance, aerodynamic shape, high speed-up to 130 km / h. In the passenger cabins there are soft seats, specially designed for equipped places for persons who have limited physical capabilities. Passengers can place their luggage on convenient racks and shelves. The interior is equipped with a video and audio broadcast system, climate control. For eco-friendly vacuum toilets are installed here for a comfortable ride. This comfort is the main advantage of these trains..


The main advantages:

- Convenient location of platforms, both in the airport area and in Moscow;
- Reliability of the service provided;
- Easy to use;
- Save time (does not depend on the road situation);
- The price is lower than in a taxi.

Aeroexpress Comfort

Aeroexpress trains include cars belonging to the business class.

The cars are distinguished by increased comfort, additional services, the cost of which is included in the fare. For a more pleasant journey, passengers can try hot and cold drinks, read the press. And the monitors broadcast various programs. Aeroexpress is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo at the right time. Using the services of such a train, you do not need to think about if you are late for your flight.

This transport departs every thirty minutes. Follow the established schedule. Travel time is less than an hour. The high-speed railway will not let passengers down. By purchasing an aeroexpress ticket, you will forget about the worries and worries. The convenience of the trip will be appreciated immediately. Traveling on a modern train will leave only pleasant memories.

Screenshots of the app

A few screenshots of the Aeroexpress app for mobile devices.


User reviews

Some useful reviews about our app.

As frog, 24.03.2018

"Everything is very simple and convenient, a reliable way to drive, pay online!!!"

Лоло1978, 24.03.2018

"Class. Super, now I know how to get to the airport and back quickly and on time)"

Oooph90, 25.03.2018

"Cool app, ordered tickets with my husband and without any problems sat down and went"


Aeroexpress Online
latest version 2.2

The best search for aeroexpress trains. Choose the best seats in the railway trains. Improved hotel search, discounts up to 80%.

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Train tickets and Hotels

Additionally, the app includes modules for selling railway tickets and booking hotel rooms.


Train Tickets

Buy railway tickets and view the schedule, which contains all the trains that depart on the selected date in the direction you need. No more queues at the ticket offices!



With the help of the Hotel module, you can book a room online on favorable terms, thereby ensuring minimal living expenses during travel, tourist trips or business trips.

Aeroexpress online application

Purchase of Aeroexpress tickets. The module supports Russian, English, German, and Chinese. It is also possible to pay in rubles, dollars, British pounds, euros and Chinese yuan.