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In the app, you can quickly and without queues buy a ticket for Aeroexpress trains. They connect Moscow with Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports.


Buy a ticket to Domodedovo on Aeroexpress online

Support for all current tariffs. Round-trip Aeroexpress tickets to Moscow airports.

Features and benefits of Aeroexpress Domodedovo

Better than minibuses

Minibus from the metro station Domodedovo. The cost of such a trip is 120 rubles, and the travel time is approximately half an hour. The disadvantage is an absolutely inconvenient interior, in which there is absolutely nowhere to put luggage. The second nuance is the presence of traffic jams at the exit from Moscow, which is not uncommon for Kashirskoye highway can minimize the chances of catching a flight.

Better than your car

A trip to Domodedovo in your own car will cost exactly the cost of spent gasoline. The inconvenience again rests on traffic jams. After all, to get to the Kashirskoye highway, you will have to move along the MKAD, and all motorists know that any accident on the highway leads to many kilometers of traffic jams. The same trouble lies in wait for a taxi ride, only it will cost about 2000 rubles.

Budget-friendly and fast

The most reliable, fast and safe way to get to the airport is the Domodedovo Aeroexpress train. There are no traffic jams on the railway, and the passenger is guaranteed to be at the airport terminal in 45 minutes, paying a maximum of 500 rubles for an electric train ticket. The Domodedovo Aeroexpress departs every 30 minutes from the Paveletsky Train Station platform.


The main advantages:

Domodedovo Airport is one of the four main international airports in the country and one of the twenty busiest airports in Europe. Airlines operate flights from Domodedovo to 245 destinations. Thousands of passengers depart or arrive from the airport every day. But since Domodedovo is located 22 km from the Moscow Ring Road on the Kashirskoye Highway with a subsequent branch from it, it is sometimes difficult to get to the airport, and then the Domodedovo Aeroexpress comes to the rescue.

Aeroexpress tickets Domodedovo

How to buy a ticket for Aeroexpress Domodedovo?

Aeroexpress trains are modern high-speed electric trains that allow passengers to get to airports quickly, without problems and hassle. In addition, this type of transport in several times cheaper than taxi rides.

To get on the Domodedovo Aeroexpress train, you first need to purchase a ticket. The carrier company provides several options for this purpose:

• directly at the Aeroexpress ticket office. You can do this immediately before departure or in advance in the period from 1 to 15 days before it;
• in online mode on the website of <url>. In this case, the ticket price will be reduced to 420 rubles. You can place an order directly from home by filling out a simple standard form. A small problem is only that the ticket sent by e-mail will need to be printed out:
• using the mobile app. Tickets purchased in this way do not even need to be printed out. It will be enough to attach the screen of the mobile phone with the QR code displayed on it to the reader at the turnstile. To order a ticket, the app will need the Internet, which will not cause any problems, since all Aeroexpress trains support Wi-Fi.

Screenshots of the app

A few screenshots of the Aeroexpress app for mobile devices.


User reviews

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As frog, 24.03.2018

"Everything is very simple and convenient, a reliable way to drive, pay online!!!"

Лоло1978, 24.03.2018

"Class. Super, now I know how to get to the airport and back quickly and on time)"

Oooph90, 25.03.2018

"Cool app, ordered tickets with my husband and without any problems sat down and went"


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