Aeroexpress Kazan

One of the most important airports of federal significance is Kazan Airport. Not for nothing, according to Skytrax, the largest aviation hub of Tatarstan was awarded four stars. The airport is located 26 km from the city center, and you can get to it without any problems. The choice of a particular method depends entirely on the subjective inclinations of the passenger, but the best both in terms of reliability and cost is the Aeroexpress Kazan.


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Features and advantages of Aeroexpress Kazan


Despite the fact that several bus routes lead to the airport, more and more passengers prefer the Aeroexpress Kazan. The electric train runs along the route from the Kazan railway Station, which is located in city center, to the airport from 8 am to midnight. The journey takes 20 minutes. Approximately in the middle of the route, there is an intermediate station with passengers boarding and disembarking.


Aeroexpress Kazan is a modern electric train with a rolling stock that has an aesthetic appearance and an aerodynamic shape. The car includes 435 seats of economy and business class, equipped with soft, comfortable chairs and luggage racks.


In addition, the electric train is equipped with high-quality climate control systems, environmentally friendly vacuum toilets and everything necessary for the comfortable movement of people with disabilities.


According to the reviews of passengers, the advantages of the Aeroexpress Kazan include:

• the speed at which the train reaches its destination;
* guarantee to catch the plane on time, thanks to the ability to correlate the schedule of the aeroexpress train and the departure time;
* convenient storage space for luggage;
• there is no jostling in the car and there are always empty seats.

Aeroexpress Kazan

How to buy a ticket for Aeroexpress Kazan?

Aeroexpress trains are modern high-speed electric trains that allow passengers to get to airports quickly, without problems and hassle. To get on the Aeroexpress train Kazan, first of all you need to buy a ticket. This can be done with several options:

• directly at the ticket office of the Aeroexpress train station through self-service terminals. Payment can be made either in cash or with bank cards;
• using the mobile phone app. This is a new modern payment method that is actively used by young people. It is convenient because all the information, including the ticket itself, and the payment card data are in the phone. The application contains a simple and accessible interface that allows you to quickly search and view different options in minutes. Tickets purchased through the app do not even need to be printed out. It will be enough attach the mobile phone screen with the QR code displayed on it to the reader on the turnstile.

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"Class. Super, now I know how to get to the airport and back quickly and on time)"

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"Cool app, ordered tickets with my husband and without any problems sat down and went"


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