Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo Online Application

Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo has its own terminal at Belorussky Railway Station. This is a comfortable recreation area, equipped with catering facilities and clean bathrooms. You can go to it through the second and fourth entrances. On the territory of the terminal there are ticket offices for the sale of electric train tickets. Users of smartphones based on the iOS and Android platforms can buy a ticket for a passenger train to Sheremetyevo Airport online. The system supports cashless payments using all types of cards.


Buy a ticket to Sheremetyevo on Aeroexpress online

Support for all current tariffs. Round-trip Aeroexpress tickets to Moscow airports.

Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo has the following advantages


For the convenience of passengers, the "Aeroexpress Online App"service was developed. With its help, everyone buys a travel document, using a gadget with an Internet connection. The simple interface will master even novice user. To book a ticket, the following steps are sufficient: Specify contact details; Determine the date of the trip; Confirm the payment.


Rolling stock trains depart daily from Belorussky Railway Station at 5: 30 am and go to Sheremetyevo Airport. The driving time is thirty-five minutes, and the interval is half an hour. The last train arrives at the destination appointments at 0: 30 am. On the route of the Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo there is an intermediate stop metro station "Okruzhnaya". Its presence has greatly simplified the lives of residents of nearby areas.


The cost of one trip is five hundred rubles. Please note that when you pre-order a ticket, its price is reduced. You can also save money by paying for a round trip at once.


Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo: advantages for passengers

By choosing this type of transport, the client receives the following advantages::
* Convenient location of the stations. In Sheremetyevo, the train stops within walking distance from the air terminals E, D, F;
* Reliability. This carrier is one of the safest among alternative options (taxi, own transport).);
* Significant time savings. A passenger who has bought a ticket through an online application can not worry about traffic jams;
* Availability. The cost of travel in the Aeroexpress train is lower than in a taxi.

Aeroexpress Sheemetevo: online application

How to buy a ticket for Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo?

There are several ways to purchase an Aeroexpress ticket, from buying directly at the ticket office of an electric train to ordering online on the Internet. But the most convenient and modern way is to order ticket via aeroexpress online application aeroexpress. app. Tickets purchased in this way do not even need to be printed out. It will be enough to attach the mobile phone screen with the QR code displayed on it to the device readings on the turnstile.

The application contains a simple and accessible interface. The program requests an Internet connection, which will not cause any problems, since all Aeroexpress trains support Wi-Fi. Then you will be asked to enter your personal data, date of the trip and contacts. You will only need to confirm the entered information and the fact of payment. Thanks to the app, you can safely board an Aeroexpress train without any prior preparation, and buy a ticket on the way.

Screenshots of the app

A few screenshots of the Aeroexpress app for mobile devices.


User reviews

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As frog, 24.03.2018

"Everything is very simple and convenient, a reliable way to drive, pay online!!!"

Лоло1978, 24.03.2018

"Class. Super, now I know how to get to the airport and back quickly and on time)"

Oooph90, 25.03.2018

"Cool app, ordered tickets with my husband and without any problems sat down and went"


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Additionally, the app includes modules for selling railway tickets and booking hotel rooms.


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With the help of the Hotel module, you can book a room online on favorable terms, thereby ensuring minimal living expenses during travel, tourist trips or business trips.

Aeroexpress online application

Purchase of Aeroexpress tickets. The module supports Russian, English, German, and Chinese. It is also possible to pay in rubles, dollars, British pounds, euros and Chinese yuan.