Aeroexpress Vnukovo Online Application

You can get to Moscow airports in different ways, with different time costs and at different costs. But if the passenger is in a hurry, and you need to get to your destination quickly, avoiding traffic jams, so as not to be late for the flight, then Aeroexpress trains are the best option. Aeroexpress Vnukovo departs from Kievsky railway Station and takes the passenger to their destination in just 40 minutes.


Buy a ticket to Vnukovo on Aeroexpress online

Support for all current tariffs. Round-trip Aeroexpress tickets to Moscow airports.

Aeroexpress Vnukovo has the following advantages

Better than a taxi

Cost savings. Air train is a more budget option than a taxi. High quality service. On the way, you will be offered hot and cold drinks, as well as sandwiches for a fee

Better than your car

Security level. The electric train moves smoothly and visually even slowly, unlike a car rushing along the highway and maneuvering between cars so as not to miss the flight.

Reliable and fast

Significant time savings. Trying to get to the airport by bus or car is fraught with unpredictable situations: traffic congestion, bad weather conditions and the presence of accidents.


Aeroexpress Vnukovo: features and benefits

Аэроэкспресс в аэропорт Внуково представляет собой современный электропоезд, имеющий эстетичный внешний вид, аэродинамическую форму и развивающий скорость до 130 км/час. Пассажирские салоны снабжены мягкими удобными креслами, стеллажами для размещения багажа и системами контроля климата. Дополнительный комфорт обеспечивают экологически чистые вакуумные туалеты, использующие для слива воздух. По прибытию на место, пассажиры оказываются в шаговой доступности до терминалов аэропорта.

Aeroexpress Vnukovo: online application

How to buy a ticket for Aeroexpress Vnukovo?

There are several ways to purchase an Aeroexpress ticket, from buying directly at the ticket office of an electric train to ordering online on the Internet. But the most convenient and modern way is to order ticket via aeroexpress online application aeroexpress. app. Tickets purchased in this way do not even need to be printed out. It will be enough to attach the mobile phone screen with the QR code displayed on it to the device readings on the turnstile.

The application contains a simple and accessible interface. The program requests an Internet connection, which will not cause any problems, since all Aeroexpress trains support Wi-Fi. Then you will be asked to enter your personal data, date of the trip and contacts. You will only need to confirm the entered information and the fact of payment. Thanks to the app, you can safely board an Aeroexpress train without any prior preparation, and buy a ticket on the way.

Screenshots of the app

A few screenshots of the Aeroexpress app for mobile devices.


User reviews

Some useful reviews about our app.

As frog, 24.03.2018

"Everything is very simple and convenient, a reliable way to drive, pay online!!!"

Лоло1978, 24.03.2018

"Class. Super, now I know how to get to the airport and back quickly and on time)"

Oooph90, 25.03.2018

"Cool app, ordered tickets with my husband and without any problems sat down and went"


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The best search for aeroexpress trains. Choose the best seats in the railway trains. Improved hotel search, discounts up to 80%.

Train tickets and Hotels

Additionally, the app includes modules for selling railway tickets and booking hotel rooms.


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Buy railway tickets and view the schedule, which contains all the trains that depart on the selected date in the direction you need. No more queues at the ticket offices!



With the help of the Hotel module, you can book a room online on favorable terms, thereby ensuring minimal living expenses during travel, tourist trips or business trips.

Aeroexpress online application

Purchase of Aeroexpress tickets. The module supports Russian, English, German, and Chinese. It is also possible to pay in rubles, dollars, British pounds, euros and Chinese yuan.