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In the app, you can quickly and without queues buy a ticket for Aeroexpress trains. They connect Moscow with Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports.


How the Aeroexpress train was created in Vnukovo.

In the early 2000s, there was a serious problem of traffic jams in Moscow and there was a need for an alternative way to get to the airport quickly and without traffic jams. It should be a comfortable mode of transport that will take passengers faster than taxis and public transport.

Aeroexpress was founded in 2005 and the construction of the Moscow Express network began in the same year. First, the railway terminal at Sheremetyevo was put into operation, then the second one at Vnukovo International Airport.

The company purchased and launched new comfortable double-deck trains of the brand "Stadler". The first such express train started running on the route from Kievsky Railway Station to Vnukovo in 2017. Since then, all trains have been completely replaced with brand-new Swiss cars. The time spent on the road thanks to this type of transport was reduced to 35 minutes.

The company is constantly improving its service and improving the quality of services to make the trip as fast and convenient as possible for passengers. Aeroexpress trains have gained a truly well-deserved popularity among passengers and significantly reduced the risk of missing the plane.

аэроэкспресс внуково

How to get to Vnukovo by Aeroexpress train»

You can take the express train from Kievsky Train Station to Vnukovo Airport, and there is also a daily return route from Vnukovo to Kievsky Train Station.

The express terminal is located right inside the Kievsky Train Station. To find it, just follow the signs. At the exit from the Kievskaya metro station (any-ring and radial lines) you will need to go to the entrance to the station building itself. As a reference point-the entrance to the train station is located directly opposite the shopping center "European".

The express arrives at Vnukovo Airport at the underground railway station located opposite Terminal A. Here, passengers board in the opposite direction.

You can buy tickets on the website And it is also convenient to purchase a travel card in the mobile application, which must first be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Version for Android devices:

Version for iPhone devices:поезда-аэроэкспресс-отели/id1360439939.

An important advantage is that the app is free and ad-free, and intuitive to use.

Go to the app or website and select:

the desired date of the trip,

tariff plan,

number of seats.

At the moment, there are several tariffs:

standard (399 rubles),

business (800 rubles).

After that, you will only have to pay for them in a convenient way.

Keep in mind that the app and website allow you to purchase no more than ten tickets in a single transaction.

You can buy a ticket in advance, up to ninety days in advance, including the day of the trip. Or just before the trip itself, day in, day out.

In contrast to the standard, the business rate offers a choice of direction and time. In this fare, you can make a single change to the ticket at least half an hour before the departure of the express.

аэроэкспресс внуково

You can buy a travel card in the following ways:

MIR, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro;

MTS, Beeline, Megafon and Tele2;


After successful payment, a message with a link to the ticket will be sent to the specified email address and mobile phone number. You do not need to print out the purchased travel cards upon presentation when boarding the Aeroexpress train.

To use the ticket, you must attach a mobile phone screen with a QR code to the validator when boarding the express, and wait for the turnstile doors to open. You can also use a ticket printed on paper. Please note that tickets without a barcode are not valid.

Thanks to the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can get on the Aeroexpress train and buy a ticket right during the trip. All you need is Internet access and a bank card. Of course, you can buy a travel card at the airport itself, but it will take time, since a queue is always created after the plane lands.

Other useful information

This express train is distinguished by its safety and speed. Its operation is not affected by congestion or accidents on the roads, it is not hindered by adverse weather conditions.

Changes in the schedule of the express train are very rare. If you have boarded an airplane train, you can be sure that in exactly 35 minutes you will be at the airport.

Aeroexpress trains are characterized by increased comfort. During the trip, the passenger can place their luggage in a special compartment.

Also, due to coronavirus infection, regular surface treatment with antiviral agents is carried out, as well as seating in express cars allows you to maintain a safe social distance.

Please note that the ticket is non-refundable or non-exchangeable. So plan your route well in advance. Of course, there are exceptions provided for in the Rules of Acquisition or specified in the current regulations. Have a nice trip!

Aeroexpress online application

Purchase of Aeroexpress tickets. The module supports Russian, English, German and Chinese languages. It is also possible to pay in rubles, dollars, British pounds, euros, etc. in Chinese yuan.